Our origins

Our company, Brioagro, was born as a Startup, founded in 2015 by José Luis Bustos and Antonio Santos, dedicated to technology applied to agriculture and irrigation. It is a company that was born in the Seville countryside. It is framed within the sector #AgTech, that is, technology applied to agriculture.

We work mainly in Almería and operate from Navarre, where we have the support of SODENA and the financial instrument of the Government of Navarre for the development of the business fabric.

We started with an initial outlay of 55,000 euros, to which was soon added the 110,000 euros of investment by Orizont.

By 2016 we achieved the objective of consolidating and conquering new places in which to distribute. They are currently based in Almería and Granada, the area with the highest concentration of greenhouses, but are being introduced in Navarra, Rioja and Ribera del Duero, and even landing in Mexico.

What do we do?

We promote the use of technological tools in traditional agriculture, achieving a harmony between the old and the new. Thanks to our incorporations we improve the yield of the crops, getting a better quality in the product and in the profitability. For this, we have an application that facilitates the data in our cell phones, this means that we incorporate mobile intelligence in the crops.

Having created a detailed, easy and simple working tool for the farmer to receive in his device all the information to improve the yield of the crop, both in kilos and in quality, since it controls the vital signs in which the crop is developed.

All this is possible thanks to sensors and probes, together with geolocalized weather forecasts. Thus, it allows to optimize the agricultural management, reaching savings in water (that depending on the crop oscillate between 20% and 40%) and in fertilizers.

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