BrioAgro Aqua’s Pivot irrigation system provides water and fertilizer when the plant needs it


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Smart watering with Pivot

BrioAgro’s smart irrigation system, AQUA Power, connects with 95% of the existing controlers, but so far we had not managed to connect with PIVOTS, we can already include among the tested irrigation systems:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Spray and micro sprinkler
  • Pivots

In addition, the system can achieve much more significant savings, because when watering automatically, it uses the hours of reduced electricity rates to provide water at a lower price.


  • Tanks for treatments.
  • Pressure sensors for pipes.
  • Motorized battery charging, in case of solar use for power.
  • Unlimited number of sectors.
  • Fertilizer pump
  • Water pump.
  • Fertilizer duct cleaning.
  • Fertilizer stirring.
  • Management of irrigation rafts.
  • Rain gauge by pulses
  • Access to historical irrigation and fertilizer data used in irrigation.
  • Allows to alternate from the traditional programmed irrigation (remote control) with the intelligent irrigation with sensors.

Tracking (DSB)

The Brioagro Aqua system for greenhouses, collects information both inside and outside the greenhouse. In this way the necessary information is obtained more efficiently, so that the system can operate and give a better result, than simply offering data from a single area.

Sensors indicators

Inside it has sensors that analyze both the environment and the soil.  For the environment we have sensors of Humidity, Luminosity and Environmental water deficit. For the soil we collect data on moisture at the root level, conductivity and temperature.

Climate indicators

We obtain geolocated weather information up to 7 days in advance. Getting better results. For them it has sensors of ambient temperature, relative humidity, rain forecast, wind speed and direction, and finally about the cloudiness in percentage.

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