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Created by BrioAgro to assist agricultural technicians and farmers, FARMLOG not only ensures data recording but also organizes information to improve agricultural decisions.

100% Operational and Free

Before its official use in 2024, BrioAgro, after extensive testing, launches FARMLOG, a Mandatory Digitization Farm Management Software that satisfies technicians and farmers. This system facilitates collaboration and data collection, and integrates BrioAgro devices to simplify tasks. Offered for free, FARMLOG not only ensures data recording but also organizes information to improve agricultural decisions.

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Features and Benefits of the Agricultural Management Software

Key Features and Advantages of FarmLog

Accessible to Farmers

In addition to being used from PC and Tablet, especially from mobile, to collect data as it happens, from the field, with the mobile phone application.
To facilitate its use, farmers can rely on communication channels with BrioAgro to clarify any doubts.

Using WhatsApp to Upload Data

To make it even more user-friendly, FarmLog and WhatsApp integrate to receive photos, messages, and voice notes, which are directly incorporated into the operation.

Designed for Agricultural Advisors

That is, the Agricultural Advisor can manage multiple farmers, facilitating communication and tasks between the farmer and the advisor.
They can always validate what will be sent to the authorities.

Integrable with BrioAgro

For farmers who already work with BrioAgro solutions, they will find that the data collected by BrioAgro will be automatically incorporated into the Farm Management Software, reducing the time spent on its completion.


The best way to prove that it works is by putting it in the hands of those who need it. The more we are, the more we will perfect it. And our commitment is to continue together, both using FarmLog and in conjunction with BrioAgro, which will automatically fill in more and more of the required data.


BrioAgro Farmlog has been validated by governments and ready to meet the highest government standards.

Are you an agricultural technical advisor?

Maximize your efficiency as a technical advisor with BrioAgro FarmLog: intuitive technology and specialized support at your fingertips

Register Your Technical Data Sheet for Free

Register for free on FarmLog and start managing your digital logbook from 1 January 2024. Collaborate with organisations to maximise the benefits of your farm management – join the digital transformation in agriculture!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is FarmLog really free?

Yes, it is completely free and always will be. The reason it’s free is because our business model is not based on charging farmers, but rather suppliers and brokers.

Is there a version for agricultural technical advisors?

Yes, if you are an agricultural technical advisor you can click here and once inside, you can invite your clients (farmers) to use FarmLog so that their data will appear for you to advise them.

What is the WhatsApp number to interact with FarmLog?

The number is +34 634 36 37 49.

How can I inquire about FarmLog?

You can send your questions to the email