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Automatic smart irrigation

If you are a farmer, you know how hard it is in the field. Prices are getting tighter and tighter. Costs are getting higher and higher. Long hours for little profit. We understand. It’s exhausting.

But don’t give up yet. Technology can help change that.

At BrioAgro we have developed an intelligent irrigation system that allows you to irrigate just when the plant needs it, saving important costs and increasing production.

Through our automatic calibration system that checks different parameters by means of soil sensors and satellite images. It also connects easily to any irrigation system that you already have installed on your farm. All this for an economical monthly rental.

Our customers no longer suffer for…

Low profitability

BrioAgro’s intelligent automatic irrigation allows you to increase your farm’s production, improving quality while reducing water, energy, fertilizer and phytosanitary consumption.

Being tied to the farm

With BrioAgro you can comfortably track all your farms with your cell phone from anywhere, checking the irrigation done and the state of your crops.

High risks

With BrioAgro you will not have to worry about farm breakdowns such as pipe failures, irrigation failures, or diseases as you will receive alerts every time these problems appear.

Crops we work with

BrioAgro has proven its efficacy in many types of crops.



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Our customers

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Success stories

Campotec is a company located on the west coast of Portugal and founded in 1994. It is dedicated to the purchase and sale of fruit, potatoes and pre-packed agricultural products. Its objective is the production of the highest quality. It has managed to increase the production and quality of the crop and has also achieved a 30% saving in water and energy used for irrigation.

Fonteverde is a company with more than 50 years of history, located in Ispica (Sicily, Italy). It is dedicated to different fruit and vegetable crops. It has used 54% less water for irrigation during the trial period.

You have seen us in…

Water scarcity


Foodtech 500


Brioagro in the top 5

Ready to get started?

1. Free trial

Request a free trial of BrioAgro on your farm without obligation to see how the system works.

2. Rent

Once you are convinced of the benefits obtained, you will be able to continue using the device economically through a monthly rental fee, with no entry fee or permanence.

3. Productivity improvement

You will enjoy improved crop productivity with BrioAgro with significant energy savings, as well as the ease of remote monitoring of your farms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. No strings attached. You can even return the device when you need it and request it again when you need it again.

We currently have demonstrated productivity improvement in the following crops (in alphabetical order): avocado, garlic, alfalfa, almond, blueberry, saffron, baby leaf, batavia, broccoli, zucchini, pumpkin, lamb’s lettuce, onion, chili, clementine, cauliflower, endive, raspberry, strawberry, fruit trees, peppermint, oak leaf, iceberg, lettuce, woody, lemon, lollo rosso, mandarin, melon, orange, olive, cucumber, Dutch cucumber, parsley, bell pepper, Italian bell pepper, pistachio, pitaya, beet, romaine, arugula, watermelon, tomato, cherry tomato, pear tomato, soft wheat, durum wheat, trocadero, grapevine, carrot.

No problem. Click here to request a free test (A/B test) for your own farm. We will send you a device and explain how to install it. You can then test how it works on one plot and see the benefits for yourself compared to another plot.

Sure! Call us at +34 687 087 013 and we will get back to you as we go along. Or if you prefer, fill out the form below and we’ll call you as soon as we have an opening.

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