Comparative Study Results between Smart Irrigation and Conventional Irrigation conducted at the UPNA (Public University of Navarra), during the 2nd semester of 2016.

Fotografía de los 4 sectores del ensayo en la parcela de la UPNA

Photograph of the 4 sectors of the trial in the UPNA plot

Water Management Results

Four sectors were divided: two were irrigated with the BrioAgro AQUA system and the other two following the professors’ recommendations.

The results showed a 59% lower water consumption and a 63% saving in electrical expenditure needed for water pumping in the sectors irrigated with the AQUA system. In addition, we obtained lettuces with a diameter 10 cm larger than in the conventional irrigation sectors, a 297% increase in production.

We consulted with the professors about these magnificent results, who indicated that the improvements were due to less salt leaching, the absence of water stress, and a proper balance between water and oxygen supply, that is, an optimal balance between water and oxygen at the roots provided by the system that irrigates based on soil moisture adjusted to the soil type, crop, and climatic conditions.


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