Farms selected for the Gen4Olives project

As part of the Gen4Olives project, in which the Italian company Agricolus and BrioAgro are working together, the farm will be monitored by satellite and sensors will be installed in the rainfed olive groves of two varieties:     Manzanilla: More specifically, Manzanilla Sevillana, a variety that in Spain does not require the use of…

BrioAgro has been the winning startup of the Water Scarcity Innowise Challenge Lab

BrioAgro’s director, José Luis Bustos, thanked EIT Foods, not only for the prize money, but also because it recognizes BrioAgro’s work in the use of low-cost irrigation technology, both for agriculture and for parks and gardens, which in addition to helping to irrigate in a responsible way, contributes to addressing the challenge of water scarcity in the world.