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FarmLog, the first WhatsApp Field Notebook that makes life easier for farmers.

It allows farmers to fulfill the obligation to maintain the Digital Field Notebook by sending photos of invoices and audio messages via WhatsApp. It will also alleviate the problem of lack of margins due to excessive middlemen by offering factory product offers and purchase of production from big brands. Farmers from all over Spain are…


Signing of the collaboration agreement in the framework of Emphasis initiative.

  Signing of the collaboration agreement in the framework of the Emphasis initiative (Euro-Mediterranean Network Facilitating Market Uptake of Innovations from SME), managed in Spain by the CTA ( The Spanish startup BrioAgro Tech was represented by its CEO, José Luis Bustos, while the Jordanian startup Smart Green ( was represented by its CEO Mohammad…

BrioAgro among the top 5 #agtech startups developing water management solutions.

StartUs Insights highlights BrioAgro among the world’s top startups developing water management solutions in an analysis of 643 global startups and scaleups, showcasing their water management solutions impacting their agribusiness. BrioAgro advances Automatic Irrigation Traditional agricultural water management systems utilize a significant part of cultivation land for preparing channels and distributions. However, through these systems,…

BrioAgro Test Farm

Video about an A/B Test carried out by BrioAgro at Finca El Pino in Seville, to demonstrate savings in olive grove irrigation.BrioAgro participates in this EIT Foods program called Test Farms, to demonstrate its technology to Tepro Agricultural Consultants, the video shows Finca El Pino, where this A/B TEST is being carried out in the…

BrioAgro, the company that makes it easy and cheap for farmers

They have developed a soil moisture calibration algorithm that allows them to know when, how much and where to irrigate. They obtain the necessary data by using sensor technology that they distribute in the soil and also by capturing localized satellite and weather information. These three sources of information make it possible to monitor the main variables in which the farmer can intervene to improve his crops and to predict very precisely the time and amount of irrigation.

BrioAgro has been the winning startup of the Water Scarcity Innowise Challenge Lab

BrioAgro’s director, José Luis Bustos, thanked EIT Foods, not only for the prize money, but also because it recognizes BrioAgro’s work in the use of low-cost irrigation technology, both for agriculture and for parks and gardens, which in addition to helping to irrigate in a responsible way, contributes to addressing the challenge of water scarcity in the world.

José Luis Bustos. Director de BrioAgro Technologies

«El riego inteligente permite optimizar cada litro de agua y un control desde el móvil»

La preocupación por la falta de lluvias y las altas temperaturas de las últimas semanas es común en los agricultores andaluces, que miran también con inquietud el bajo nivel de agua acumulada en algunos embalses. En estas circunstancias, y en plena campaña de riego, la empresa sevillana BrioAgro Technologies apuesta por el riego inteligente, con un nuevo producto ya en el mercado que permite «optimizar cada litro de agua que se emplea en el campo», consiguiendo así «ahorrar en el recurso y aumentar la producción agrícola, pues nuestra tecnología posibilita aportar el agua que necesita en cada momento el cultivo»